About Glam Biz Club & Its Creator - Anna Langa

Hey gorgeous #RockstarBossBabe!

I'm sooooooo EXCITED to see you here!!!

Anna Langa - all I do is with love! Digital Market and designer by passion
My name is Anna Langa and by day (or rather by night ... I'm a typical night owl lol) I'm a digital marketer who helps my fellow ambitious lady bosses, aka #RockstarBossBabes succeed online. But my main passion and drive is design. I'm all into beautiful, little classy and sassy stuff.

Can you spot Chanel influence?

Well, you guessed right girl! I have been a huge fan of Coco Chanel ... and at one day of my life I become a part of Chanel dream team at the famous London department store - Harrods. 

Right now I going through major life changes and I decided it is time to turn my passion into business ... let's see what will happen :) 

If you like my designs, let me know! If you would like to see something different, let me know too! I'm open to your suggestions and feedbacks and like no other person in the world I'm open to talk but I also listen.

I put ALL my heart in what I do so I hope if you will buy some of my designs, you will love it :) And please remember your purchase is making a difference in my life but also in lives if the ones around me. I'm a girl who shares a lot with others, support my local community but also others around the world. So the money you spend in my store os money well spend and I'm so soooo grateful <3 

Please take a picture of yourself and what you bought and tag me on Insta (@RockstarBossBabe), I would love to see how it makes you happy :) 

~ with love and light, Anna